The Hub

The Hub: a new space at Wellcome Collection

What is The Hub?

The Hub at Wellcome Collection is an exciting new opportunity that reflects our commitment to the interdisciplinary study of medicine, health and wellbeing. The Hub will provide resources and a stimulating space for researchers and other creative minds to collaborate on a project that will explore medicine in historical and cultural contexts. This will make a central contribution to the Trust’s vision of improving human and animal health. The first group of residents were awarded the Hub Award by a selection panel in March 2014.

Why is The Hub important?

Experiences of health and illness are profoundly human and intensely personal. In order to explore them in a truly meaningful way, we can’t rely on the biomedical sciences alone. At the Wellcome Trust we believe that achieving extraordinary improvements in health requires a bold new approach that examines wellbeing from a multitude of perspectives, across a range of disciplines.

The Hub will be a flagship interdisciplinary environment that nurtures this approach. It’s a space where scholars, creative practitioners and scientists can collaborate to explore the important questions that arise when life meets medicine. We think this approach will shed fascinating light on perceptions of health and illness in the past and present. We also think it will help inform practical medical decisions people will face in the future.

Our aims

  • To enable a truly outstanding interdisciplinary team to work on a project that is linked to our vision of improving health, and to support this team with all the rich and unique resources the Wellcome Trust has on offer.
  • To be a pioneering location for creative work that explores what happens when medicine and health intersect with the arts, humanities and social sciences.
  • To nurture a thriving culture of exchange, in which the public is connected to the innovative ideas of The Hub through a vibrant programme of public engagement.
  • To foster work that is original, creative, intelligent, impactful and openly accessible.
  • To catalyse outputs that generate new insights, new forms of engagement, new methodologies, new interventions and new knowledge.

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